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Alain Ducasse
Address:      The Dorchester, Park Lane
Phone No :  020 7629 8866
Cuisine :      French


The French have always been held in high regard for their mastery of the kitchen and their ability to create delightful flavours from the simplest of ingredients. Alain Ducasse takes all the greatest parts of French cuisine and blends them with a unique flair to create some of the best dishes on the planet! The fact that the restaurant has three Michelin stars tells you everything you need to know about the food. Enjoy one of our Mayfair escorts for a perfect dinner date here. 

This Park Lane restaurant opened in 2009. Situated on Park Lane which separates Mayfair and Hyde Park it offers plenty of potential to explore Mayfair (read our Things To Do In Mayfair guide) and Hyde Park before or after you enjoy the dining experience. It gained two stars right at the start and the third followed a year later.

You will notice the tables are well-spaced, giving you the opportunity to chat privately. and you can woo and impress your Mayfair escort with your witty small talk.You will also appreciate the deep pile carpet as this muffles the sound of diners strolling around.

The cost of eating here is on par for the region and the stars it has been awarded and it has an impressive collection of wines. If you are wondering what to eat then rest assured the menu is comprehensive. However, it is worth trying the barbajuans – small parcels of Swiss chard and ricotta. The bread is made on-site and tastes fantastic. Perhaps the best option of all is the lobster with truffled chicken.

Alain Ducasse is open every Wednesday to Saturday for lunch from noon to 1.30 pm and again in the evening from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Book a table now for you and that special someone, the right restaurant makes all the difference.


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