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A well reviewed, modern european restaurant nestled in Piccadilly

Address:      5 Piccadilly, Mayfair
Phone No :  020 3146 8666
Cuisine :      Modern European

When you’re looking for luxury, Hide in the Mayfair/Green Park area of London will exceed all of your expectations. This 5-star restaurant run by chef, Ollie Dabbous, is a barnstorming successful ode to hedonism in food and is located just a a short walk away from The Ritz hotel on Piccadilly. Enjoying a meal at Hide is an exquisite experience. A refined, contemporary, modern setting that is open and spacious and lacks a lot of the stuffiness that other high end restaurants my have.

You and one of our elite London escorts will fit right in. We just know the sort of guy you are - classy, understated and looking to consume the finest entertainment London has to offer - a high class Mayfair escort from Carmen's Secrets - of course! And Hide is the perfect dinner date destination.

This peaceful, cellar-cool refuge in the heart of Mayfair is run by the hospitality industry’s best, most brilliant, and brightest. The General Manager and head Sommelier alone are worth the visit and well worth their weight in gold.

The main area - Hide Ground - is the hearth of the establishment. Offering you and your Carmen's Secrets dinner date nourishment, comfort, and excellent food. Step into Hide from the bustling outside world and let the excellent waitstaff look after you with the very best food offerings. And if you are staying in the area, we have a mouthwatering selection of high end London escorts who would love to accompany you, and many of our Mayfair incall escorts would love to devour both you and the menu!

Hide serves breakfast, lunch, grazing, and dinner options. Using locally sourced seasonal offerings from a series of small farmers and UK suppliers. The freshness of its menu cannot be beat. Everything from bread, jams, juices, pickles, and charcuterie are house-made from sustainably sourced ingredients. Informal, high end, simple, attentive and sophisticated is what you and your elite GFE dinner date will experience at Hide.

There is even an extremely private dining car with its own chair lift - the ultimate place for a discrete escort booking with one of our international models. The interior settings for all dining areas offer an enchanting extension of woodsy Green Park and with a menu overseen by chef, Ollie Dabbous, all of your senses
will be engaged here.

If stopping in for a simple beverage and items from the grazing menu are all you have time for - be sure to peruse the 6,000 item wine list and ask the head sommelier for a taste or two. Hide is an exquisite place for you to visit with one of the Carmen's Secrets high class diner date escorts. For other ideas and things to do in the area, please check our nightlife guide to Mayfair.


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