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Address:      10 Berkeley Square, Mayfair
Phone No :  020 7404 5000
Cuisine :      South American

Amazonico got its name from the fact the entire dining experience is based on your sensory perception of travelling the Amazon River. It is a thrilling, exciting place to take your elite Mayfair escort from Carmen's Secrets. When you first arrive you may find that your senses are a little blown. It feels like it is extremely over-the-top. However, once you have settled you can start to appreciate the stunning surroundings - and there is even a life-size samurai statue in the toilets!

In effect, the restaurant adopts an Amazonian feel, as though you are deep in the jungle with realistic-looking wild animals surrounding you. On arrival, you and your sexy GFE will be ushered to a table by glamorous hostesses. It gives you the opportunity to take in the wooden panelling, reminiscent of the Incas, a large live fire, the open-plan kitchen, and the opportunity to celebrity spot. You never know who will be in Amazonico.

The menu focuses on the native cuisines of the countries the Amazon River touches. That gives plenty of scope for the varied menu. Of particular merit are the cured yellowtail fish, the Aymara palmito salad, and the rump steaks, grilled on an open barbecue. If you are sat in the right place you can even watch them doing this, but perhaps you would prefer to stare, instead, at your Mayfair escort in London.

Of course, what really makes the evening perfect for you and your dinner date is the excellent service. From the moment you arrive, you will be treated and feel like a celebrity. The staff are on hand to help with any request and yet fade invisibly away until needed again. It’s an impressive balance in a restaurant that is proving to be one of the most popular, not just in Mayfair, but in London.

The restaurant is open from noon every day until late, it usually closes between midnight and 1 am, although the last reservation is 11 pm Monday to Saturday and 10 pm on Sundays. However, it is very popular, booking in advance is essential for you and your Mayfair escorts dinner date.


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